Paddington Walk

TV/Sky Distribution System (IRS)

Contract Value


  • Fracarro Satellite & TV SMATV Equipment
  • MK Logic Outlets
Project Description

Paddington Walk is a new development of over 200 luxury apartments, arranged in five adjoining towers.

The project involved designing and installing an IRS system to feed high quality Sky, TV Terrestrial, VHF and DAB signals to all of the apartments.

Within an apartment, two satellite feeds were required for the living room and each of the bedrooms, giving the tenants full flexibility of placing independent Sky+ equipment in any room. Over the complex, this required 1,400 separate satellite and TV feeds.

The entire system was implemented via the Fracarro GI Switchline series. Separate satellite dishes, erected on top of each block are used to feed those blocks. Meanwhile, to optimise the signal quality, terrestrial signals are taken from the tallest block, filtered through the Fracarro K-series system and distributed throughout the site.

CCTV pictures from building entrances were also added to the system, so residents can see visitors entering the building on their TV’s.

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