Crawley Schools

Oriel, Thomas Bennett & Ifield School

Contract Value




  • 6,000 Brand-Rex Cat5e OM3 TV


  • 1,000 TV Outlets
  • Fracarro K-series Head-End through Webro CT167/CT100 Cables
Project Description

Able were contracted to design and install Data/Voice & TV cabling in three new schools in West Sussex.

The data cabling systems were based on the Brand Rex Millennium Cat5e system.

In each school, Able installed 2,000 RJ45 outlets in class rooms, staff rooms and other locations. These outlets were run back to a number of local patch cabinets, which were in turn connected back to the main computer room via OM3 fibre.

The TV distribution system includes 300 class room TV outlets per school. Within each school, these are fed from a single central head end, which is in turn fed from a single set of TV and radio aerials. The head end equipment includes a high quality Fracarro K-series processing system, which as well as providing high quality TV terrestrial analogue and digital channels, presents FM and DAB radio to all outlets. The school can also broadcast channels from their own video sources, such as DVD players, tapes or cameras.

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