Hyde Park Residence

TV/Satellite SMATV & IRS

Contract Value


  • Fracarro
  • Global Invacom
Project Description

55 & 60 Park Lane offers 130 luxury apartments for both ownership and serviced rental.

The requirement was to design and upgrade a TV distribution system providing, as well as the standard Radio, TV and Sky/Astra signals, a broad range of international satellite signals for tenants and guests with their own satellite receivers plus a number of dedicated Sky and other satellite channels for direct receipt onto a standard digital TV.

The solution was to design a re-configurable 12 satellite IRS system, providing four TV and multi-satellite feeds to ever apartment. The system allows individual tenants to select and change which satellite services they require by a simple re-patch. A Promax digital-to-TV headend was added, distributing Sky Sports and other popular satellite channels as additional Freeview channels throughout the system. One of the biggest technical challenges was to drive satellite signals more than 140m from 9-wire multiswitches, solved by precisely controlling the signals levels at all points in the system.

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