Our History

Able are the UK’s leading Infrastructure Solutions provider specialising in Structured Data Cabling, TV and IPTV solutions.

Able’s focus is based around infrastructure, rather than specific systems or equipment. Able specialise in designing and installing cost effective systems which will flexibly support any system requirements or advances in technology.

Able offer a comprehensive TV and Satellite design and installation service, building large scale communal TV systems for apartments, housing and commercial buildings.

Uniquely, Able can deliver both structured cabling and TV infrastructure services using the same project team, providing all the benefits of an integrated design and installation.

Able’s origins are in the City of London, where the requirement for high density cabling and rapid changes impose some of the toughest demands in the industry.

Able are a well-established company who have been trading since 1985, during this time they have built an enviable reputation in the  industry with a large customer base.

Able guarantee to deliver to you, a first class, high quality system – on time and on budget.

Our Team

Part of our team for

27 years

Clive Tuckwell
Managing Director

Clive joined Able in 1997 as Managing Director to oversee all aspects of the business. He has worked within the IT industry for over 40 years. Clive’s focus is to ensure Able provide quality and innovative infrastructure solutions to their customers.

Part of our team for

28 years

Alex Hudson RCDD

Alex has worked at Able for 22 years and plays an important role at Able. During his time at the company, he has managed some of Able’s large accounts, including Bear Stearns, Universal and Which?. Alex has gained the respect of many people over his years in the industry.

Part of our team for

15 years

Mark Waterman
Non-executive Director

Mark sits on Able’s board as a non-executive Director. Mark is a senior partner at the London Accountancy firm – Dunne & Waterman where he acts as audit partner for many corporate groups. Mark helps Able with their financial and strategic planning.

Part of our team for

37 years

Rob Clark
Business Manager

Rob has been at Able since the company started trading in 1987, originally as an engineer before being promoted. Rob is based at Commerzbank and run’s Able’s team who are based on site and has been supporting Commerzbank’s infrastructure for over twenty-five years. Alongside managing the infrastructure support, Rob also manages the planning and implementing of moves, adds and changes.

Part of our team for

25 years

Christine Knowles
Business Development Manager

Chris has been working at Able since 1999 as Business Development Manager. Working closely with Able’s customers and Directors she has been involved in many of Able’s prestigious accounts. Chris also manages Able’s TV maintenance accounts.

Part of our team for

16 years

Robert Terry
Design & Estimating Manager

Robert joined Able in 2008 after a long a varied background in the IT industry. Robert ‘heads up’ Able’s Design and Estimating team. He works closely with suppliers to quote the best and most cost-effective solutions for Able’s customers. He provides technical support, networking and infrastructure design.

Part of our team for

1 year

Andy Cooney
Project Manager

Andy is Able’s newest team member after being appointed as Project Manager. Andy will be managing Able’s large projects and will be working very closely with Able’s prestigious accounts. Andy has been managing major projects  in the Data Industry for more than 25 years.

Part of our team for

8 years

Joyce Ayres
Accounts administrator

Part of our team for

2 years

Dillan Patel
Trainee Network Engineer

Dillan is Able’s newest member of the Design and Estimating team. Dillan specialises in designing and implementing Network solutions.

Part of our team for

10 years

Vishal Hirani
Design and Estimator

Vishal has worked in Able’s Design and Estimating team since 2014. He works closely with Able’s customers, quoting on new projects. In 2016 Vishal passed his CCNA exam.

Part of our team for

8 years

Nigel Stock
Project Manager

Nigel has established a reputation as a first class project manager, with a special focus on complex technical solutions and customer satisfaction. Nigel manages both Residential and Commercial projects.

Our Process

We have developed our process from 25 years of experience and combined it with a a traditional IT process to create a method for consistently guaranteeing first class infrastructure systems. We can do the whole works all the way from the design to maintenance.

Career Opportunities

We are always looking for talented, energetic people to join our team. Any job positions we currently need will be posted below

Unfortunately we don’t have any opportunities at Able IS at this time.