Access Control

Access control and door entry systems are used together to allow/refuse access. Access control is a system that controls who/what is allowed through a door by use of programmable key tags.

Door Entry system is an intercom system that gives communication from a door to a control room or residence where you can communicate with the caller and then link to the access control system to allow or refuse entry.

Features of the Service

Some features of these systems:

Can automate the entry/exit of vehicles/visitors/residents/cleaners etc

Barriers and gates can be controlled

Gives communication between door and flat/control room, either audio only, or audio visual

Can track people within a complex

Can be used for timekeeping logging

Entry/exit can be time controlled

Different lock types can be employed depending on the type of door

Lifts can be automated to take people to the right floor only

Can link to fire alarm systems to give open routes out in the event of a fire

Residential door monitors and be integrated into home AV systems

Can be remotely managed

Can link to CCTV to give view of any alarm event

Manufacturers systems installed by Able include Paxton, Salto, Impro, CameBpt, Urmet, Comelit.

Combined systems can link any event from camera and access control system so that it can be viewed together by an operator making the whole system very powerful.

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