Able design, build and maintain Closed Circuit Television IP based surveillance systems. Systems range from small (4 camera) installs to multi block residential developments.

CCTV systems are used monitor and record the activities around or inside a building. The strategic placement and design of the camera network is important to for the complete system. Recorded images are stored on Network video recorders that usually keep images for 30 days or more before overwriting.

Images are also used in live monitoring stations where alarms can be generated for any event.

Features of the Service


Uses normal network cable

Can use a converged network switch system or run over a dedicated network

Powered mostly from the network switch

Camera quality far higher than older analogue cameras now exceeding 12 mega Pixel

Alternative local power can be used

Range of software options for monitoring

Video Walls (multiscreen display walls) can be used in security offices

Fixed Single view cameras or PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) gives total flexibility

Can be fully automated using apps

Can interlink with access control and door entry systems with the right software

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