TV/Sat Distribution

Able design, build and maintain high quality TV & Satellite signal distribution systems.

TV distribution systems are required in buildings or areas where multiple TV’s are fed from a central aerial or satellite dish. This can apply to apartment blocks, offices, schools & colleges, hotels, sports centres, retirement homes and even whole villages.

Features of the Service

Using the same methods of high quality and system flexibility gained through being a leading structured cabling provider, Able has built a reputation with customers for building highly effective and reliable solutions.

Able focuses on designing and building scalable and flexible systems which can be extended to meet the fast-changing demands of modern technology, to ensure maximum future proofing.

Features of the service include:

All systems designed by Able

Extensive use of fibre cabling to improve system reliability and reduce cost

Use of components from a wide range of manufacturers to maximise performance and reliability while minimising cost. Key suppliers are Global, Fracarro, Triax, Televes and Vision

Complete adoption of Sky Q technology in all designs and installations

IPTV solutions for the distribution of TV over an IP data network

Able are a CAI Plus member

Comprehensive and responsive maintenance service. Able look after the TV/Sat service to more than 5,000 homes

suppliers we use include:

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