As well as conventional coax/fibre based TV systems, Able can also provide IPTV (Internet Protocol television) systems.

IPTV is a flexible and scalable way to distribute live TV, satellite and other video streams around a building with an existing data network. Applicable to almost any building, including offices, hotels, sports centres and schools/colleges.

Advantages of service:

IPTV offers many advantages over traditional coaxial networks, including:

Immediate access to live TV from any computer on the network

No need for coaxial cabling. Just use the existing computer network cabling

Excellent system scalability to almost any number of video sources and users

Integration of satellite, off air terrestrial and internal video streams into one integrated service

The provision of centralised TV services such as on-demand video, customisable EPG (electronic program guide) and digital signage

Able is a Premier Partner of Exterity Building TV and can design and build a complete end to end Exterity IPTV system to meet the needs of your organisation.

IPTV will typically run over an organisation’s existing network equipment, although Able can also design and install additional network equipment dedicated to the IPTV system.

IPTV sources can include satellite channels, Terrestrial TV and custom videos.

IPTV users can include any standard TV with a SCART/HDMI input as well as any PC on the network. Sources and Users may be SD (standard definition) or HD (High definition).

The system is completely scalable; therefore any user can stream the TV/video from any source. It is also centrally controllable from a single Windows application.

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